The Green Smoothie Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge

Green Smoothie with Celery Stick and Radish SliceLast week over at the Belle Lumière, Jessica declared open a weekly ‘Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge‘. Which got us thinking: we’re very interested in improving our health the all natural way, so how could we partake in this wellbeing feast?

First we needed a health and wellness related goal – then, we should be posting it for the world to see… Feelings of accountability and responsibility will ensue, and we will hold up to our goal and ultimately succeed. At least that’s the plan.

So what is our first Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge? Drinking three green smoothies in the coming week. That’s right: a green drink made with green veggies – three of them. To drink. In one week.

Why we made a green smoothie our Wellbeing Challenge:

Green smoothies have been on our radar for a while, but we’ve been tentative and a little intimidated to try them (read: a little chicken). Your typical green smoothie recipe calls for an abundance of leafy greens, and while we are fastidious with our daily 2 and 5 and eat lots of greens already, it doesn’t stop a thick green drink from looking a little intense (read: a little scary).

What’s the idea behind a green smoothie?

It’s concentrated raw nutrition that packs an absolute punch of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein and enzymes – all easily absorbed and digested.

Two Green SmoothiesTrusted sources (including green smoothie drinker Annette) report a big difference in energy levels – that for one is a great start. And it gets better! Sustained consumption of green smoothies can increase alertness, boost the immune system, help with weight loss, improve skin tone and digestive health*…

So our Green Smoothie Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge was born. Because that’s what we call one healthy smoothie if it can manage to improve all of the above. And we’re all for natural, raw and simple things that can improve our health in so many different ways. Even if they are bright, bright green.

Join us! You don’t have to commit to three green drinks in seven days – the Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge can be whatever you want. Just know this: if you go green smoothie on us, we’ll be drinking them right beside you.

And now, we’re off to eat drink our dinner… one down, two to go…

*Source: Green Smoothies Squidoo Lense

(Image credits: 1-Squidoo, 2-Wellness WA)