Twice as sweet: a sugar and honey facial scrub

Brown Sugar Pile with scoopIn our weekly quest to try something new to exfoliate, we came up with an incredibly simple sugar scrub which also doubles as a face wash – it’s natural, it’s easy, it saves time and it leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and oh so soft. If you want to try our sugar and honey skin scrub, here’s how to do it… We’re even going to throw in some ideas if you want to tailor the recipe to perfection for your own skin type.

What you need for the basic sugar face scrub:

  • Organic brown sugar
  • Organic raw honey

For some extra moisturising you can add:

And some zing from essential oils (1 to 2 drops, no more):

  • Lemon, orange or grapefruit – any citrus really: to clarify and decongest oily or combination skin*
  • Lavender: to soothe all skin types
  • Chamomile: best for irritated or very sensitive skin
  • Rose: because it smells so good – and it stimulates cell renewal

What to do:

  • Mix sugar and honey (and any extra ingredients) together immediately before using.
  • Pat mixture on face and gently scrub.
  • Leave for 5 to 10 mn.
  • Rinse with cool water and pat dry.
  • Follow with a spritz of facial mist and a natural moisturiser, oil or serum.

Why it’s so good:

Organic brown sugar is just grainy enough to give a bit of mechanical scrubbing action without the harshness of raw sugar (which is too crystalline, not fine enough in texture). Sugar is also very rich in glycolic acid, a natural alpha-hydroxy acid that helps to loosen the layer of accumulated dead skin cells on your skin, making the scrub doubly efficient at revealing fresh new skin and improving skin tone and texture**.

Honey Dripping on Yellow BackgroundHoney does an absolutely brilliant job at keeping your face clean. We switched to honey as our daily facial cleanser after taking the Crunchy Betty ‘Wash your face with honey challenge’ and we’ve never looked back. Honey is antibacterial and antimicrobial, which makes it a particularly good cleanser for oily skin or acne – and a wonderful gentle cleanser for all skin types. As the sugar in the scrub is scrubbing, the honey is softening and cleansing the skin all at once. How good is that?

Cold-pressed oil adds a bit of moisture, particularly good if your skin is very dry or sensitive. Plant oils or even aloe vera gel contain vitamins, enzymes and essential fatty acids: food for your fresh new skin that is easily absorbed and leaves it plump and nourished.

Essential oils are perfect to add a bit of potency to a homemade face scrub – and you can choose an oil that best meets your skin’s needs. If you’re not sure which one to use, check the ‘Common Uses’ and ‘How to Use’ tabs on all our essential oil product pages, or drop us a line.

And now for a reminder: how to exfoliate your face gently

Woman rubbing a facial scrub on her skinYou definitely should exfoliate your face at least once a week – but your skin should never feel raw, tight or hot afterwards. Successful exfoliating is half down to the product used, half down to technique.
We’re not in favour of circles all across your cheeks to spread a facial scrub on (so don’t do it like the girl in the image!) – go with gentle pressing or patting motions all over your face instead. Insist on areas of concern that are prone to congestion or black heads, but be even more gentle. It’s always better to exfoliate gently twice a week than once and rub your face raw in the process. A few more tips on exfoliation right here courtesy of the Echolife blog archive.

Try a sugar and honey scrub and let us know how you go!

*Keep in mind citrus oils are photosensitive so don’t expose skin to the sun for at least 12 hours, 24 to be safe.

**Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Great recipe! This morning I mixed rosehip oil with honey and brown sugar and it left my skin feeling very clean and moisturised at the same time. Highly recommended for ‘mature’ skin!

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