Green attitude

Reusable shopping bag with tree designChoosing eco-friendly / all natural / toxic-chemical-free products is a big step in the right direction as far as greening your life is concerned. But it is still a relatively small part of the bigger picture – the largest impact we can have is by changing our behaviours and habits.

Re-using, re-purposing, or using less altogether all score big green points (and saves money to boot). They also happen to be applicable to all areas of your life – how convenient is that?

Evaluating purchases before spending any money is another important green thing you can do: buying something new might not be the best way to fill a need – and do we really have that need in the first place?

There are plenty more simple green habits you can adopt – read a few more here. And how about the few examples below?

  • Walk or cycle to run an errand at least once a week
  • Keep old toothbrushes to clean in these hard to reach places
  • Take a green bag to the market with you to carry your loot home
  • Turn an old t-shirt into a rag
  • Mix the coffee grinds from yesterday with sugar and olive oil and use as a body scrub

Do you have any simple green tips to share?

(Image credit The New Ecologist – with an article also full of green tips to adopt!) 

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