Picking your moment: the best time for moisturising

Shower head with running waterRaise your hand if you regularly skip body moisturiser because you can never remember to put it on. Or you just haven’t managed to work it into your daily skin care routine. Or you’ve given up on the idea of body moisturiser altogether because you’re worried about turning into a greasy grease ball and having your clothes or pyjamas cling to you.

If any of the above sounds familiar, you need to follow in Tine’s footsteps and try moisturising right after your shower. Slightly damp skin helps moisturiser soak in quickly and skin stay well hydrated throughout the day. Give it a try – we’re willing to bet your skin will be feeling so nice and soft, you won’t be skipping body moisturiser  anytime soon.

Quick quiz: why is it important to go with a natural body moisturiser? Find out here.

(Image credit Listphobia)

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