How to survive moving

Stacks of packing boxesWe’ve recently relocated one of our offices and decided to compile a list of helpful tips that worked for us – whether you are moving house or office, they should work for you too!

-Before moving, make a few lists: items to move, items to donate, items to store elsewhere, items to throw away. There is no need putting effort into moving all your possessions, furniture and files and then sorting through them all. Do it the other way around: sort through first, move only what you need. Some charities can come to you to pick up the bulkier items – remember to allow at least 2 weeks to secure an appointment for a pick-up.

A small dog stretching in the yoga pose known as Dog Pose Head Up -Stretch every morning and every night (if you don’t already) – start the week leading to the move and keep up the habit after, when you are likely to be stiff and sore. A hot bath can also do wonders for sore muscles, especially if you add some macrobiotic sea salt or magnesium bath crystals! If you are a regular yogi, now is the time to feel smug because you’ll be way ahead in terms of flexibility, core strength and reduced achey-ness.

-Stay hydrated: keep a bottle of water flavoured with a dash of lemon or strawberry powder with you at all times, and remind yourself to drink – fatigue levels worsen with dehydration, and muscle recovery as well as sleep quality will also suffer if you’re dehydrated.  Since you will be expanding more energy than usual drinking is especially crucial!

-Have a snack/meal plan: it’s too easy to skip meals or go for some fast or junk food when you’re busy packing, unpacking or moving boxes and furniture. Make some sandwiches (no white bread please) and add a good handful of sprouts, salad leaves, your choice of protein and some raw veg (sliced tomato, cucumber, even thinly grated carrot). Have some raw nuts handy, or a muesli bar provided it contains good quality grains, dried fruit and nuts and no added sugar. If you are the super organised type, you can even cook more than usual up to 1 week before the move and freeze left-overs. Pasta with fresh spinach leaves or scrambled eggs with wilted spinach make for a quick and pretty healthy meal when you’re pressed for time and have zero energy to cook. You can even mix some wheatgrass or barley grass to olive oil, along with carrot powder and pour on pasta or salad before serving – it will count towards your 5 serves of veg for the day!

-Make sure a kettle, mugs and tea bags are standing by at your new home/office and use them liberally.

White tea pot with cup of tea

-Take a break: when you can’t bear the sight of boxes anymore, or you can’t find what you had in your hand a minute ago, or want to throw everything in the air and declare it sorted, it’s time to take a break! Go for a short walk to stretch your legs, curl up for a cat nap, make some tea, eat a little snack. It makes a world of difference to stop and breathe for 5 mn. Everything will not be all in order and in its proper place in 1 day – so accept it and break when you need.

There’s no pretending moving is a breeze, but with the few tips above our move went fairly smoothly. If you have to move, consider trying a few or them – or share some of your tips below if you’re a seasoned and expert mover!

(Image credits: 1, 2 (Annette always has the best pictures!), and 3).