Softening fine lines naturally

Rosehip Flower (Rosa Mosqueta)When it comes to preserving our skin’s vitality and youthfulness, we don’t believe in harsh or drastic measures. To keep skin soft and fine lines at bay we should be treating our skin very gently and not over-react and try to strip it to oblivion with chemical peels. A nourishing and consistent skin care routine using quality natural ingredients is key – and if you get a head-start and treat your skin well from your early twenties, soft and plump skin should be yours to enjoy for decades to come.

How our skin will look and feel as we age is subject to complex factors including genetics, lifestyle and diet – but treating your skin well from the outside and giving it adequate cleansing and nourishment is also crucial.

What do we mean by a nourishing and consistent skin care routine?

  • Cleanse your skin twice a day with a natural gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin and upset its natural pH. Remember the skin’s protective acid mantle? Meant to stay acid to do its job – or will have to work hard to right itself back to normal if it’s thrown out of balance. And by working hard day in, day out because your cleanser is too harsh, we really mean irritation and premature ageing.
  • Never go to bed with make-up on. Never! Your skin regenerates at night and has to be able to breathe – if your pores are clogged by make-up, sweat and dirt accumulated during the day, how can this possibly happen? Worse still: you won’t just be impeding your skin’s regenerative cycle, but allowing bacteria (from the sweat and dirt) to set up shop – that means breakouts waiting to happen.
  • Exfoliate gently once to twice a week and follow by a deep-cleansing face masque (hydrated clay is our masque of choice around here).
  • Choose a moisturiser rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin C – ideally containing rosehip oil (a wondrous ingredient that supports skin’s renewal and helps it stay plump and firm). Or every morning massage a few drops of pure rosehip onto your cleansed and toned skin before applying your moisturiser. Sounds too rich? Try it at night. And keep up the habit, daily!

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil capsulesIf you’re on the lookout for natural skin care to reduce fine lines, Weleda has just the thing: specifically designed for skin experiencing its first lines, the Wild Rose Smoothing Range relies on nourishing plant oils and waxes to soften them and works wonders for normal, combination and dry skin. Its star ingredient is organic rosehip oil from Peru and it also contains organic jojoba oil and fair-trade rose flower wax from Damask roses grown in Turkey.

The Starter Pack will let you experience the three Wild Rose Moisturisers in a small size – so you can pick your favourite or travel with it easily. The Eye Cream will soften fine lines around the eyes, and the Wild Rose Smoothing Capsules will give your skin a boost of nourishing essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – perfect when your skin needs reviving. Tomorrow we’ll be bringing you a guest-review for the Smoothing Capsules, so if your skin is in urgent need of a regenerating treatment, make sure you stop by to read what G Mag reader Sharon has to say!

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