Rose Water: why you need it on your skin

Rosa Centifolia Watercolour by Pierre-Jean RedouteThe name itself sounds beautiful, but it doesn’t compare to the smell of rose water or what it does for your skin. A rose-based facial mist is one of the best all natural toners you can use – it is good for all skin types, and especially stupendous if your skin is sensitive, dry, or irritated. If you are skipping this step in your skin care routine at the moment, it won’t take more than a few applications for you to realise the error of your ways and become hooked.

Let’s start from the beginning: what exactly is rose water?

Rose water can refer to a rose hydrosol (a by-product of the distillation of rose essential oil) – or to purified water saturated with rose essential oil. Aside from different distillation/saturation methods, there is very little difference (if at all) in the end products: both contain all the nutrients and aromatherapeutic benefits of rose, and as they are effectively less concentrated than rose essential oil, both can be used pure on the skin every day (even several times a day).

The actual species of rose used for a hydrosol or rose water don’t matter: all roses share similar chemical compounds – albeit in varying concentrations – but their effect on the skin remains virtually the same. The most famous of roses is probably Damask Rose (or Rosa Damascena), cultivated in Turkey and Bulgaria (the same rose used in Weleda’s Wild Rose Smoothing range!), but you might come across Rose de Mai as well (or Rosa Centifolia, which is actually a hybrid of Rosa Damascena). Whatever the rose, your skin will soak in the flower’s goodness and it will show.

So why is it so good for the skin?

For a myriad reasons… Rose is overwhelmingly gentle and soothing and has moisturising properties. It softens the skin and encourages healthy cell renewal – as a matter of fact, rose is often recommended to help repair broken capillaries. Rose helps with redness, irritation, and is slightly astringent – it will gently tone and firm but never dry the skin out. In short, rose is the one ingredient in a facial mist you can’t go past. And did we mention how delicious it smells?

Bottle of Botani Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water, Chamomile and Aloe VeraIf you want to try a rose mist, we stock Botáni’s Soothing Facial Mist – a blend of rose water, chamomile and aloe vera (we have a guest-review from Jessica coming up tomorrow, so if you’re curious to know what it is like, come back in the morning!). And we are just about to release our very own Rose Facial Mist (for the skin care purist who wants rose and nothing else). More on this very soon – until then, give rose a try!

(Image credit ‘Rosa Centifolia‘ article from Wikipedia)

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