Drink up!

Bottle of Water8 glasses, 2 litres, first thing in the morning, never with meals – and then there’s remembering to drink water altogether! Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial things for our health – inside and out. And not all drinks count towards our daily dose of water – but some foods  do!

Robin from Toxic Beauty has just written an article on water: why we should pay so much attention to our water intake, why soda doesn’t count (!), and she even gives a quick formula to remember how much water we should be drinking.

One more thing: don’t go all tap water crazy – tap water is best filtered before drinking to get rid of chlorine and other trace contaminants. And why not consider investing in a reusable water bottle you can take with you (it reduces landfill and prevents chemicals from the plastic bottle leaching into your water all at once!). Bottoms up!

(Image credit Hear Me Speak)

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