Food for your (silky) skin

Exfoliating brushes, gloves and loofahsWe have tried many a natural recipe in the quest for soft and glowing skin (our most recent foray being the glorious Crunchy Betty ‘Wash your Face with Honey Challenge‘). We dutifully exfoliate and dry-brush, we are no strangers to sweet almond oil, but when it comes to mash potatoes and sour cream, we admit we have left this to the dinner table up until this point.

How wrong we were!  To achieve soft skin – the natural way – potatoes and dairy should feature prominently in your repertoire of DIY treatments. As well as oats and lemon juice (but we already knew that).

For step-by-step instructions on how to achieve soft, silky skin with mash and cream, read this article. Next time you’ve made too much for dinner, you know what to do with your left-overs!

(Image credit Reader’s Digest Heath Smart)