Product review: Super Sprout Strawberry Powder

Super Sprout Strawberry PowderWe asked Annette – the creator and editor of Wellness WA – if she would guest-review on the Echolife blog, and lucky us: she gave the Super Sprout Strawberry Powder a try and is sharing her thoughts below.

‘As soon as I saw the bright little tubs peering at me from the computer screen, I knew I’d found my latest crush.

Super Sprout’s range of 100% all natural nutritional powders come in such a myriad of flavours that I honestly didn’t know which one to try first!

Lemon, beetroot, blueberry, ginger, wheatgrass, organic apple… all of them delicious sounding and each with a million and one ways to be incorporated into drinks and meals.

Strawberry won me over with its promises of being tasty in muffins, fruit salads and even on top of icecream!

Personally I’ve been using it in my green smoothies for an extra shot of nutrients, as well as natural yoghurt for some added sweetness.

On first sniff, I was sceptical, it didn’t smell much like strawberries? But when I tasted it in water… ahhh there we go! I thought about this for a while longer and it made sense. Most strawberry scents are artificial, and a fresh strawberry has water in it too. So the powder needs to be rehydrated before it’s back to its normal state. (Disclaimer: I could be totally wrong about all this, all I know is that it DOES taste good!)

The best part is that it’s made from only one thing – strawberries. No fillers, no added sugars, nothing but the red berries we know and love. This makes it perfect for those times when prices are prohibitively expensive (especially if you live in WA like I do!), you can still whip out the jar and get a natural strawberry taste at any time of the year. Winner.

Although I’m loving this flavour, I now find myself with a wandering eye… the organic lemon flavour would be perfect for morning pick-me-ups and blueberries make my skin sparkle in the morning if I have them at night, so that would be a great pre-bedtime addition!

Do you like the sound of the strawberry? Which flavour would be your choice?’

Thanks  so much Annette!

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