Do you speak INCI?

Bottle of cosmetic with ingredients list in backgroundDo you turn the bottle/jar/tube around to look at the ingredients when pondering the purchase of a new skin care product? With most ingredients list looking like a bunch of gibberish, even if you do read through how many ingredients will ring a bell and be readily identifiable?To make the best and most informed decision about what you want on your skin, you need to speak INCI.  That’s ‘International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients‘ – but INCI is more fun to say. We may stand with our feet firmly in the natural skin care camp, but whatever your preference it is still important to know what is in the products you use everyday.

There are a few tricks to remember when it comes to ingredients lists: the first ingredients listed are always present in the largest quantity, so these need to be paid the most attention to. The Skin Deep Database is a handy resource for a quick look-up of a particular ingredient (or brand) and uses a colour-coded grading system so at a glance you can see whether an ingredient is safe (green) or not safe (red). If you want to go as natural as possible with your skin care, look for products that have been certified by accredited bodies (Natrue, BDIH, ACO).

Have a look at this article by Hilda Blue for more tricks on deciphering ingredients list. And if you want to pick-up some truly natural skin care products, you can’t go wrong with Weleda, Botáni or Wotnot.

Do you usually look at ingredients lists?

(Image credit Hilda Blue)