‘Wash your face with honey challenge’: end of week 2

Honey in HoneycombIt’s gone so quickly, and what an amazing two weeks it’s been! We haven’t gone a single day without washing our face with honey, and what an improvement… Skin washed with honey just glows – pores shrink to an itty bitty size, skin looks healthy, vibrant and fresh and smells delicious (good enough to eat!). And all this happens very quickly – at the end of week 1 we were already seeing a big difference.

So, we’ve actually decided to honey on and keep up the honey challenge. And next up, try to infuse our honey (following these step-by-step instructions courtesy of Crunchy Betty).

Some highlights from our last two weeks (apart from glowing skin and teeny pores) included an oat, yoghurt and honey scrub (softens the skin like nothing else), and mixing grated cucumber with honey – a little trickier to apply but a combination made in soft skin heaven.
There’s really no reason not to give honey a try: look for good quality raw honey at your local farmer’s market or health food store – take home, apply on damp skin, and marvel at the glowing results. If by chance you don’t think washing your face with honey is for you, you still have a jar of delicious raw honey to put on pancakes, toast, or in hot milk.

Have you taken the honey challenge yet? You won’t regret it…

(Image credit Toxid Lotus – with a great article on the many uses of raw honey)

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