Skin care ingredients that don’t mix well

Row of poison bottles on shelvesIf you only used one product in your skin care routine, wouldn’t things be so much simpler? Sadly until we find a cleanser / exfoliant / toner / moisturiser / weekly masque all in one we have to rely on multiple products to do the job.

 This often means dozens if not hundreds of different ingredients make their way onto our skin morning and night. You might be using hypoallergenic products and thinking they are gentle and safe on your skin – but remember that using different products and brands means effectively combining all those ingredients together – potentially creating some unintended and unwanted effects on your skin that might not be so gentle.

At best, you might render some active ingredients in your skin care products ineffective – at worst, you could dry out your skin and cause burns and scarring – yikes! This article from Truth In Aging gives you a quick list of known offenders that shouldn’t be combined.

If you want to be safe when combining specific products, consider speaking with a dermatologist. Using natural skin care is also a good start – and natural products from the same range are likely to be well tolerated by the skin – consider giving Weleda facial starter packs a go: they come in an Almond Soothing range, Iris Hydrating range, Wild Rose Smoothing range, and Pomegranate Firming range. You can also go all natural and wash your face with honey, tone with rose facial mist, and moisturise with rose hip oil. This routine won’t cause anything else but smooth, glowing skin!