Natural laundry: the better choice

Laundry drying on a lineWithout advocating a return to boiling and scrubbing laundry with an oversized bar of soap, we still think most commercial laundry liquids and stain removers have a lot to answer for.Common laundry products use synthetic detergents that have both a human and environmental impact – in short, they’re not very good for anyone. And that is when they list the ingredients they use!

Head over to New Hope 360 to read the low-down on surfactants, bleaches, optical brighteners and solvents. And to be safe, consider switching to a natural brand like Enviroclean for all your laundry needs – all Enviroclean products are phosphate-free and biodegradable, and most are septic/sewerage and grey-water safe.

(Image credit New Hope 360)