‘Wash your face with honey challenge’: end of week 1

Jar of honeyLast Monday we solemnly swore to wash our face with honey every day for two weeks, no exceptions, no excuses. Not only have we kept our word, we’ve noticed that our skin really loves it – it’s looking more plump, glowing and clear. So much so that we’re thinking of keeping the honey challenge going indefinitely.

Here are our two cents on some questions we’ve been asked:

How does honey clean your face?
Crunchy Betty has gone into detail over here: put simply, honey is antibacterial and antimicrobial (on top of being delicious) – it helps when you have a sore throat and it does a fantastic job at cleansing your skin on the outside for the same reasons.

Does it feel sticky on your face?
Not really: it’s a little thick at first but it softens and liquifies almost as soon as you start patting it on your face.

How long do you leave it on?
A minute, give or take – if you’re in a hurry. You can leave it on for longer – your skin will like it if you do!

How do you take the honey off your skin?
You can rinse it off by splashing a little water on, or wet the corner of a small towel and gently pat your face until all the honey is gone.

Does your skin smell beautiful and sweet?
You bet.

Crunchy Betty also has a guide to the best honeys to use, and gorgeous photos of bees doing their thing…  There’s still one week left – if you’re the slightest bit curious, give it a try!

And if you need inspiration for some home-made honey face masques, visit this page!

(Image credit Green Parenthood)

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