The Story of Cosmetics is turning one!

This amazing little film has almost reached 800,000 views in its first year of existence – and its creators are hoping it will reach 1 million views on its birthday. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do – it could be a life-changing 8 minutes…The Story of Cosmetics goes back to the 1950s to explain the current inadequate regulations governing skin care ingredients. Lack of accountability has lead to toxic chemicals finding their way into lipstick, shampoo, baby products – staples we use every day without realising the potential exposure and dangerous long-term accumulation of unwanted substances in our bodies.

Natural skin care is one way to preserve your skin’s beauty and your general health by using the most gentle and natural ingredients possible. Spreading the word and lobbying like the folks at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics do is another. If you can spare the time, watch the Story of Cosmetics – it’s an entertaining eye-opener and can help us make better choices in our skin care routines.

2 thoughts on “The Story of Cosmetics is turning one!

  1. It disgusts me that young girls are wearing CHEAP make-up at the expence of their future health. Since its absorbed into the body via the skin,make-up should be classed as a food and makers FORCED to list ingredients. They contain petro chemicals,and so mimic estrogen in the body. Pity help anyone who wears makeup from a young age as estrogen dominant cancers are high on the list later in life!

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