An aspirin face masque – why not?

Two aspirin pills for a face masque recipeIt sounds like a fun and quirky DIY skin care recipe (aren’t they all?), but the science behind an aspirin face masque is actually not quirky at all.

A derivative of salicylic acid – which is a bit of a miracle worker on congested pores and oily complexions – an aspirin face masque will exfoliate the skin, unblock pores and neutralise bacteria. In short, softer skin with a smoother texture and less blemishes.

And precisely because it is that powerful, you should definitely go easy: no more than once a week (even less if your skin is very sensitive as it can dry the skin out if used too often).

One of Wellness WA’s writers gives an aspirin masque a 3.5 out of 5 rating, and posted a detailed how-to and recipe last week.

And Crunchy Betty gives not only her own version of the aspirin masque, but a recipe for an apple cider vinegar toner to follow the masque with. So there: aspirin is not only for headaches, it also keeps your skin looking beautiful. Who knew?

(Image credit Top News)