An Echolife giveaway to purify and cleanse your skin

Jar of Echolife Hydrated Green Clay (Calcium Bentonite)Keeping your skin glowing and clean is a delicate affair – and it’s got a lot to do with pH regulation. All natural facial cleansers should gently purify without disturbing the skin’s protective acid mantle.An old favourite that does the job beautifully is none other than our Hydrated Green Clay. Annette at Wellness WA tried it and loved it – so we decided to team up and give away a jar of Hydrated Clay to 5 of her lucky readers.

If you’d like to enter, simply go to Wellness WA and leave a comment telling us what natural skin care product(s) you use as part of your daily beauty routine. Winners will be drawn on July 20th (and their skin should start glowing soon after!).

And in case you’re curious about what other all natural products you can use to cleanse your skin – we’ve written about a few here.

Good luck and thanks to Annette for hosting the giveaway!

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