Not your average bath: try some syrup or milk

Bottle of Talinga Grove Olive Oil Bath SyrupHaving a bath is a great way to take a break and relax – and depending on what you put in the bath, your skin can absorb some trace minerals from pure sea salt or rich nutrients from natural plant oils.Hand-picked from our bath therapy range, the following all natural bath milks and syrups deliver what they promise:

Talinga Grove Bath Syrup – hand-made at Talinga Grove in South Australia from the Grove’s own extra virgin olive oil, it is enriched with glycerine and pure citrus essential oils – ie, your skin will be baby soft and revitalised.

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk – a Certified Natural Cosmetic ideal at night to prepare for a good night sleep. It relaxes the mind and softens the skin, and can be used as a facial treatment as well (clever!).

Drop of milk For an all natural blissful bath you can also use a muslin bag filled with oats, herbs and flowers, full fat milk or even coconut milk – your skin will thank you!

(Image credit Idea Seeds)