Oats for soft skin

Oatmeal flakes for skin softening recipeWe like them for breakfast and we like them just as much on our skin. It doesn’t get much simpler than oats and a little water for a quick exfoliating treatment that leaves the skin baby smooth and deep-cleansed.Here’s another clever use for oats:  mixed with dried flowers or herbs into a muslin bag and used as a soothing (and all natural) skin softening treatment. It works just as well for the face or body (you’ll need a bigger bag and more oats for a full-sized bath), it’s reusable and you can tailor the added ingredients to your skin type (calendula or chamomile flowers for extra sensitive or problem skin, rose flowers for mature or irritated skin,…).

Eco-bites will give you step-by-step instructions – and we’ve got an exfoliating treatment recipe using oats here for some inspiration.

(Image credit from The Cook’s Thesaurus)

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