Super Sprout – nutritious super food

Super Sprout Strawberry PowderDid you eat the recommended 2 and 5 yesterday? That’s 2 fruit and 5 vegetables – and it’s more work than it sounds. Australian adults don’t quite make it – they get about half the recommended amount. And young fussy eaters have trouble getting their share as well.What to do?

We’re partial to Super Sprout Australian-grown fruit and veg powders. They’re a convenient and nutritious way to top up our daily intake, and they’re really versatile.

They can be mixed with water, juice or smoothies – they can be used in cooking (sweet or savoury muffins, biscuits, casseroles, stir-fry, salads), and the fruity ones (strawberry, blueberry and organic apple) are amazing with porridge, ice-cream or plain yoghurt.

Super Sprout Organic Carrot Powder Most Super Sprout fruit and veg powders are certified organic with ACO, and produced with a freeze-dried process that leaves the nutrients intact. They contain no fillers or preservatives – nothing artificial. And did we mention everything is grown sustainably?

Why not take a look at the Super Sprout range of super foods: there’s really no excuse not to get your 2 and 5 anymore!