90 years and counting

Weleda celebrates its 90th anniversary this year and truly deserves recognition for its pioneering and enduring approach to natural health and beauty.

Weleda was founded in Switzerland by a team of doctors who recognised the ability of the body to restore and maintain itself in balance and good health – provided that only natural ingredients and extracts were used to care for the body and the skin.This crucial underlying principle led to the creation of Weleda’s own Biodynamic® gardens where all plants needed for creating tinctures, natural remedies and natural skin care were organically grown.

Today Weleda still cultivates many of the plants used in their natural body products and natural face care with the same Biodynamic® and organic farming methods used back in 1921. What Weleda doesn’t grow in-house is sourced through fair trade partnerships from organic farms around the world (Turkey, Argentina, Sicily, Peru, and the Czech Republic amongst others), promoting sustainability and guaranteeing fair prices to support local communities.

And the resulting products are some of the best we’ve ever tried, very much keeping Weleda’s promise to ‘delight the senses with products that are gentle and effective’.

Weleda’s products cover everyone’s daily grooming routines, starting with natural soaps and natural body washes made from saponified organic oils and coconut-derived cleansing agents, available in a range of natural fragrances derived only from pure essential oils and herbal extracts. Natural body lotions with organic oils hydrate freshly-cleaned skin head to toe, and natural deodorant keeps the body fresh while allowing the skin to breathe (without any aluminium or other toxic chemicals in sight).

Weleda’s range of natural face care is comprehensive and nurturing to every skin type. Natural cleansers keep the balance of the skin intact and remove dirt, dead skin cells and grime without stripping its natural oils. For very sensitive skin Weleda’s Almond Soothing range will provide welcome relief with extra gentle and organic sweet almond oil that brings the skin back to balance.

Weleda listens to the daily rhythms and needs of the skin, creating natural day creams that protect it against environmental influences and harshness, and natural night creams that support its regenerative cycle. The beauty about Weleda’s natural face care range is not only being in tune with the changing needs of the skin throughout the day, but to also be tailored to the skin’s different needs as it ages. The Iris Hydrating range is ideal for young skin and combination skin that needs balanced moisture, the Wild Rose Smoothing range is suited to skin showing its first fine lines, and the Pomegranate Firming range is the richest in antioxidants to keep mature skin firm, vibrant and smooth. All natural men’s personal care helps keep gentlemen’s skin hydrated and comfortable before, during, and after shaving.

To care for your beautiful smile, the Weleda toothpaste range does not use any of the common chemicals in toothpaste and relies instead on time-tested botanical extracts that disinfect the mouth, clean teeth and tone gums all naturally. The popular Weleda Salt Toothpaste has been keeping teeth clean and sparkling with the help of bicarb soda and sea salt for decades – and like all the other natural toothpastes from the range, contains no fluoride and no SLS.

Weleda even offers a selection of massage oils with pure plant extracts and organic oils to help ease tension and sore muscles, and prepare the body before physical activity.

And the ever popular and gentle Weleda Calendula Baby range has been keeping newborns and toddlers’s skin hydrated, soothed, protected and soft all naturally, from bath time to nappy changes and baby massage.

We are proud to stock a comprehensive range of Weleda products. If you haven’t tried them yet, you will very quickly understand why Weleda’s appeal has endured for almost a century.

Happy 90th anniversary Weleda!

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  1. I have been using Weleda products for many years and love them. At times I have tried other brands but always seem to return to using their well-trusted products. Congratulations Weleda on 90 great years!

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