Organic, sustainable, and downright adorable

Eco Peko Bamboodie Starfish Print

If you’re familiar with our philosophy you already know how selective we are about the health and skin care products we use. It’s only logical we have fallen for the creations of eco-mum and designer Justine Davis, who takes care of the next step: the clothes we wear on top of our soft, naturally-moisturised skin.Justine created Eco Peko, best summed up as ‘an organic clothing label for little greenies‘. The Eco Peko award-winning range is earth-friendly through and through: made from high-thread count organic cotton and bamboo, dyed with heavy metal-free pigments using a low impact process, manufactured under certified and fair-trade conditions and packaged in recycled materials.

Eco Peko clothes are stylish, gentle on the skin, sturdy and long-lasting – and lucky lucky Echolife readers get 20% off the whole range!  Tee-shirts (with or without cheeky slogans), happy daks, jeans, bibs, and my favourite: bamboodies (big comfortable hoodies made from organic bamboo – uv-reflective and perfect for protecting your little ones’s skin at the beach!).  Just enter ‘echolife’ without quotes at the checkout – that simple.
You’re never too young to start caring about our planet, and you will look good doing it if Justine is involved.
Visit the Eco Peko shop here, and don’t forget to peruse Justine’s gardening and green tips.
Thank you Justine!  Now can you make clothes for grown-ups too?