Water: an instruction manual

water - an instruction manual

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about the dangers of an overly acidic diet. The basic premise behind the acid/alkaline diet is that an acidic blood stream is more receptive to disease and illness – in turn impacting every other living cell in the human body.

As with any new field of research, new information can come from a number of different angles.  We’re probably now just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the short and long-term effects of the acid/alklaline balance on the human body.  What we do know, however, is that we have the opportunity to act on new health research by incorporating new habits (or altering old ones) into our daily lives in a safe and sensible manner.

Drinking pure water is one of these habits, and is at the very core of any healthy lifestyle – which is why any opportunity to revisit the subject is always of interest to everyone at Echolife.

We each have a simple choice to make about the basic quality of the food we eat and the water we drink.  Whether or not you subscribe to the acid/alkaline diet debate, at the very least we can all vastly improve the quality of our drinking water by simply filtering out potentially harmful additives, chemical contaminants and heavy metals – relieving the body of a good portion of the stresses it encounters on a daily basis.

Filters: how do they work?

Most home water filtration systems, from the Brita units on supermarket shelves to the more expensive high-end systems, rely on some form of activated carbon to separate unwanted contaminants from water. Reverse osmosis units, such as those used in marine applications (and even by the armed forces), are considered to be the most advanced water filtration devices, as they are capable of turning even the most polluted seawater into clean, drinkable H2O.  Unfortunately, reverse osmosis remove the good stuff too – up to 95% of magnesium and other valuable minerals are effectively removed by this method.

The good news is that the simple and economical methods – such as carbon filtration – not only leave the good stuff in, but are incredibly effective at producing very high quality, great-tasting, ultra-pure drinking water.

You can take your drinking water even further by investing into a water ioniser: a counter-top unit that not only filters water using a silver-impregnated carbon filter, but can also alter the pH of the water it dispenses (from acidic to alkaline) and oxygenate it to increase its benefit to the body.

However you like your water, with summer coming up we’ll soon be inundated (pun intended) with marketing messages reminding us to drink heaping quantities of it – in bottled form, from a “pure mountain stream”.  Although the message is clear, it’s only half right (see here about why bottled water may not be all it’s cracked up to be).  Why not just make better use of the plentiful and cheap supply of water conveniently piped directly into our homes?

For those who have gotten the message about drinking more water, but find it a bit of a chore – maybe a good home water filter (tailored specifically to your water supply) will help you rediscover the great taste of ultra-pure drinking water.

We’re excited about the line of  home water filters and water ionisers we started carrying this month – the same ones we’ve used in our homes and offices for years.  As always, please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss these new products (we just love to talk about water) – or anything else in our catalogue for that matter!

3 thoughts on “Water: an instruction manual

  1. I read this article with interest and agree that good water is essential to good health. However, you may like to read an article by Dr Mercola about how drinking alkaline water all the time is not necessarily good for you. I have a daughter with a chronic illness and she cannot drink alkaline water all the time. You can become too alkaline which is just as bad as too acidic.


    1. We’re with you on that one Laura. As with any type of health supplement or device, we are firm believers in a good dose of information before anything else.

  2. Laura, you might be interested in my video response to Dr Mercola. Here it is.

    I’ve also created a free video of 21 Things you need to know before buying a water ionizer. That’s here:

    There’s also a wonderful international blog with great articles about the changing face of water ionizers at http://www.waterfyi.com

    My strong suspicion is that Dr Mercola is about to release his own alkalizing water system. He let slip that he has a system in ‘beta’ test that he is using right now.

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