Don’t eat the packaging after all

We have all heard the quip about breakfast cereals: they contain so little nutrition you are better off eating the packaging.  Even the Mythbusters decided to test the theory (what do you think they found?  Click here to read their mythbusting conclusion).

The breakfast cereal aisle at the supermarket offers no shortage of choice, yet more and more research is emerging to suggest we are better off passing…  While they can be a convenient way for parents with fussy children to get some breakfast into them, most cereals contain a dangerous amount of sugar and salt.

A recent study by a consumer group found only 2 out of 42 cereals marketed to children were healthy enough to eat everyday (read the article detailing the Choice report here).

If this wasn’t enough to make you reconsider, recently Kellogg had to recall millions of boxes of breakfast cereal, as a chemical in the packaging was leaching into the food and could cause illness in children (including diarrhoea and vomiting).

So what can be done? 

We are all short on time and use pre-prepared food out of convenience.  But switching to making your own breakfast cereal doesn’t have to take long, and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  And most important for those fussy palates, doesn’t have to taste any less good than the sugar and salt packed alternatives.

There are plenty of recipes for granola to be found, but this recipe stands out: we tried and tested it and it has become a regular favourite of ours.  It involves a little stirring, a little mixing, and your oven does the rest.  No excessive salt or sugar, no chemicals from the packaging.  No compromise on taste either.

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  1. Recipe looks delicious! It is very similar to the one I make, except I prefer coconut oil over olive oil and find fruit juice with the oats makes them too high GL/GI for me.

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