You may not think of it as such, but water is the most abundant nutrient in the human body (weighing as much as two-thirds of the body’s mass). Water helps remove waste such as toxins absorbed from air, food, and chemicals used in common cosmetics. Water also cushions joints, helps carry oxygen and regulates body temperature.

Bet you didn’t think of all this last time you had a glass, right?

Yet many people don’t realise water’s crucial role in optimal health, and don’t drink enough of it. Or worse, assume that by drinking soda, tea or coffee they are staying hydrated. That simply is not the case: in fact, caffeinated drinks can act as diuretics and increase elimination of water from the body.
And not drinking enough water can have a very serious impact on our health indeed: from a reduced volume of blood, to constipation, to the build-up of toxins and water retention,…

The human body, being the smart machine that it is, gives a few signals when it needs water: thirst of course, but also having a very dry mouth, or experiencing a headache. None of these should be ignored – ideally you would reach for a glass of water before you experienced any of these signals – but at the very least, when you feel thirsty, drink!
If water feels too ‘heavy’ in your stomach, herbal teas such as peppermint or chamomile are a good alternative – they contain no caffeine and won’t have the diuretic effect black or green tea have.

To find out more about water’s crucial role in maintaining good health, you can turn to Christopher Vasey’s book ‘The Water Prescription‘, or read an extract from the book in the Articles section of his website.

And if you are wondering how much water you should you drink per day, this simple chart can help calculate (roughly) your daily requirement.

Remember: you don’t have to buy bottled water if you feel conscious about its environmental impact.  Installing a counter-top or under sink filter at home or using a filter jug is more cost effective and less wasteful – and often results in better tasting water!

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