Just add sea salt

A bath or foot bath is a wonderful way to relax, wind down, or for tired muscles to find relief.  But did you know you can increase the benefits of your bath by adding pure unrefined sea salt to the water?  Soaking in mineral springs or sea water has been practiced for centuries, and can be replicated cheaply at home.

Following the principles of balneotherapy (literally ‘bath therapy’), or thalassotherapy (literally ‘sea therapy’) enough pure sea salt must be added to bath water, until it contains more salt than the body (this is called ‘a hypertonic solution’). This is an excellent way to deliver trace minerals to the body, and to help the body cleanse itself.


  • We recommend starting slowly: to experience the benefits of adding sea salt to your bath, measure 1 cup (for a normal sized bath).  If you suffer from ill-health please check with a health professional that baths or sea salt baths are fine for you to take.
  • If you are in good health and want to experience a true balneotherapy/thalassotherapy experience, you  will need to add 3 to 10 cups of sea salt, depending on the size of your bath.  As a guide, count 3 cups for a small bath, 5 for a large bath, and 10 for a large spa bath.  Do not add soap/bath bubbles/or oils in your sea salt bath.


  • The temperature of the bath should not be too hot, just warm enough for you to be comfortable.  Blood pressure can rise if water temperature is too hot, so it is advisable to make the bath lukewarm and add more hot water as needed.  Bathe for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Do not shower off, pat your skin dry with a soft towel.
  • After your bath it is ideal to rest for approximately 30 minutes, and sip herbal tea or mineral water.

Other forms of balneotherapy include steam baths or clay baths (which have been covered in another blog post).


• Research indicates improvement in the immune system after sea salt bath therapy, increasing the body’s natural healing power and activating the body’s own healing mechanisms.

  • A sea salt bath may help with many things including: improved sleep, arthritis, stress, and bronchitis.
  • Restorative mineral rich sea salt combined with a soak in a warm bath relaxes tired muscles.
  • Sea salt also has an antiseptic effect on the skin and reduces histamine that causes inflammation and itching.
  • Sea salt baths help the body rid itself of toxins and unused by-products of metabolism via the lymph system.
  • 1 cup of sea salt added to a bath helps reduce the pain and swelling of haemorrhoids.

The French scientist René Quinton devoted much of his life’s work to the study of seawater, and in 1906 published ‘L’eau de Mer, Milieu Organique’ (‘Sea Water, Organic Medium‘), which demonstrated the chemical similarity between blood plasma and sea water.

We’re proud to stock only the highest quality Macrobiotic Sea Salt (click the link for more information and pricing).

Please exercise caution and remember: whilst sea salt baths have a positive effect, they may be demanding on your circulatory system if you suffer from a heart condition or poor circulation.

We recommend you always consult your medical doctor or other registered health care practitioner before taking sea salt baths, especially if you have a diagnosed medical condition or suffer from ill health.

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