DIY natural skin care: milk and honey

There is no need to go further than your refrigerator or pantry to give yourself a DIY home beauty treatment.  After all, we didn’t always have pharmacies or cosmetics counters stocked full of products all promising miracles!  From personal experience, most of the miracle products we’ve ever tried (promising to fade age spots, make us look younger, stave off the onset of wrinkles,…) never did.  And not only that, modern cosmetic manufacturing practices use many chemicals that leave us shaking our heads: mineral oil (a by-product of crude oil refinement) and all the family of petrochemicals, as well as preservatives that are starting to be named as a cancer-risk, thickeners, binders, synthetic perfumes…

If there is one thing that is universal, it is the desire to look and feel good: who doesn’t want glowing dewy skin and miles of energy?  We believe it can be achieved without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.  Beautiful skin doesn’t have to take too much effort, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or pose a risk to our health.  How is that for good news?

Before we share a few of our favourite all natural beauty tips and recipes, remember that beautiful skin also comes from the inside out.  Smoking and sun exposure accelerate signs of ageing, as well as poor diet and lack of sleep.  To look beautiful, eat your greens (and drink plenty of vegetable and fruit juices), include nuts, seeds and grains and a good source of protein in your diet.  And don’t forget to drink plenty of fresh water


If it was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for us.  You can follow her lead and bathe in milk, or use it to cleanse the skin.

Milk contains lactic acid which is a gentle exfoliant, and high levels of vitamins A and D, which will nourish the complexion.

How to cleanse your skin with milk

Select the fat content based on your skin type:

  • full fat for normal, dry, and sensitive, itchy skin
  • skim for oily-prone skin

Organic milk is a better choice, as well as non-homogenised (it has gone through less processing and contains bigger molecules of cream: more goodness!).

  • Soak cotton pads in milk and gently rub on the face.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry.

This can be done on already clean skin for gentle exfoliation, or to cleanse the skin morning and night (milk is mighty effective at removing dirt and grime!).

Not recommended as make-up remover.

Milk and honey facial scrub

Both ingredients are soothing and nourishing (and will work wonders on irritated skin, or skin prone to redness).

  • Select again the fat content of the milk based on your skin type.
  • Mix the milk and honey (in equal amounts) to make a paste.
  • Apply to clean skin and gently massage for a minute or two.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cool water and pat dry.

This will exfoliate the skin without the traditional use of a grainy ingredient.  Think of it as a smooth scrub!

Kefir: because probiotic drinks also make our skin beautiful!

You can poach some of your kefir to use on your skin.

  • On clean skin, apply a few teaspoons of kefir and gently rub over the face, neck and chest area.
  • Leave for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly, pat dry, and apply your favourite moisturiser.

If you don’t know what kefir is, or don’t know how to make kefir, you can read the article we have written about it – in short, it is an all-natural probiotic drink that is very beneficial to the digestive system (as well as the skin!).

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