The farmers’ market… fresh food straight from the grower!

Farmers' market

Whether you can hardly make it to the supermarket when your fridge is empty, or you are more organised and plan menus and grocery trips in advance, we can all agree that going to a farmers’ market to buy produce is more pleasant than the supermarket.

Granted: it can be more expensive (but not always), it can also be hard to keep track of when and where it is…  But by shopping at a farmers’ market you are supporting your local growers, you have the opportunity to chat with the vendors who grew and picked the produce they are selling to you.  More importantly, you will be buying what is in season, what is being grown and picked when nature intended – if you are concerned about food miles this is the best thing you can do!

The friendly atmosphere aside you can find some delicious organic or natural produce, and not be subjected to those awful fluorescent lights at the supermarket.  What a wonderful and satisfying way to shop for food…  If you can’t make it to a market every week, try once a month.  Farmers’ market and the ‘farm to fork food movement’ are here to stay…

To find out when and where your local farmers’ market is held, you can visit the following websites: