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Air purifier buying guide

Dandelion Blowing In WindSo you’re looking for an air purifier – you want cleaner and fresher indoor air, but you’re not sure what you need. We’re here to help! Let’s look at the most common types of air purifiers and hopefully you’ll find out which one is best for you.

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The Green Smoothie Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge

Green Smoothie with Celery Stick and Radish SliceLast week over at the Belle Lumière, Jessica declared open a weekly ‘Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge‘. Which got us thinking: we’re very interested in improving our health the all natural way, so how could we partake in this wellbeing feast?

First we needed a health and wellness related goal – then, we should be posting it for the world to see… Feelings of accountability and responsibility will ensue, and we will hold up to our goal and ultimately succeed. At least that’s the plan.

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Superfoods spotlight

Poster of fruit and vegetablesOur mothers say to eat a little bit of everything in moderation – but let’s play favourites for a minute and talk about some foods that are so stupendous for our health, they deserve to be eaten more often.

Garlic: we’re not suggesting eating a raw clove – but do grate it into sauces, casseroles, or infuse olive oil with it. The more garlic you eat, the more healthy you are likely to feel – garlic is a natural antiviral and antimicrobial so eating it or taking a garlic supplement is a great way to maintain your health.

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How to improve indoor air quality

Smog and PollutionPollution is no longer just a term for the air outdoors – we’re hearing a lot about ‘indoor air pollution’ these days, our own houses’ version of sooty skies and car fumes. Considering that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors in Australia*, indoor pollutants have just the same potential to cause damage to our health than the good old outdoor pollution we’ve been aware of for decades. While eliminating all indoor pollutants is just not possible, there are a number of simple solutions that reduce them effectively and improve indoor air quality and our health along with it.

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Going organic and natural when it counts

PopcornHow much of your budget should be allocated to ‘organic’ and ‘natural’? Trying to buy all organic food, clothing and skin care can prove expensive – and it turns out some items count more than others when organic and natural are concerned. We’ve come across a list of 12 items that really should be bought organic or natural – and a lot of them are surprising! So, what’s on the list?

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Should we be standing instead?

White Stackable Dining Table Chair from IkeaSpending our work day sitting down at a desk is not good for our health in the short and long run. People regularly report tiredness and a loss of energy mid-afternoon, and long hours sitting also increase the risk of weight gain and obesity. In the long run the effects of prolonged sitting are more sinister, with studies showing a clear correlation between six or more hours spent sitting down and an earlier death rate (in both men and women). What’s a sitting worker bee to do?

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How to survive moving

Stacks of packing boxesWe’ve recently relocated one of our offices and decided to compile a list of helpful tips that worked for us – whether you are moving house or office, they should work for you too!

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Drink up!

Bottle of Water8 glasses, 2 litres, first thing in the morning, never with meals – and then there’s remembering to drink water altogether! Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial things for our health – inside and out. And not all drinks count towards our daily dose of water – but some foods  do!

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Do you speak INCI?

Bottle of cosmetic with ingredients list in backgroundDo you turn the bottle/jar/tube around to look at the ingredients when pondering the purchase of a new skin care product? With most ingredients list looking like a bunch of gibberish, even if you do read through how many ingredients will ring a bell and be readily identifiable? Continue reading

Natural laundry: the better choice

Laundry drying on a lineWithout advocating a return to boiling and scrubbing laundry with an oversized bar of soap, we still think most commercial laundry liquids and stain removers have a lot to answer for. Continue reading